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Pomade Tips for First Timers

What’s up, world? For those who aren’t familiar with me, here’s a quick introduction:

My name is Jan, and I’ve been using pomade and blogging about it for the better part of the last 5 or so years. The blog I run is called The Rebel Rouser, which focuses on pomade reviews, rockabilly culture and music, pompadour styling, and as of late – barbering.

I use various types of pomades ranging from water-based, to petrolatum-based (which many are familiar with seeing an orange tin on the shelves), to old school (now) discontinued grease that was used to slick up the hairstyles which emulate today. And while I’ve used and loved several brands, Layrite has been one that has done my hair no wrong since the start!

Now, when you go to the supermarket, barber shop, or beauty supply store, you’ll find yourself staring at a whole bunch of different hair products. Various types of: gels, creams, pastes, waxes, pomade, sprays, tonics! Then you’ve got the various finishes: matte, dry, natural, wet. Also, different textures! But, since we’re focusing on pomade, let’s just sort you out with that…


Now, the argument of “whether or not a pomade should be able to be washed out with just water” is a whole ‘nother beast to tackle. It’s an on-going argument that no beginner should venture into. Hell, no one in their right mind should! Unless you’ve got time and tolerance to spare…


For the most part, petrolatum-based products will not wash out with just water. And rarely will they come out with a single wash. Now, depending on the strength of your deep cleansing shampoo or how virgin your olive oil is, you may (or may not) get the grease out in a wash or two. But, chances are, it’ll take a bit of playing around with to figure out what “works” for you. So, if dealing with washing out a hairstyling product isn’t for you, then skip the petrolatum-based stuff, and take a look into the water-soluble pomades. Oh yeah, if you think getting this stuff out of your hair is a pain, it’s equally as troubling to wash off of your hands!


Water-soluble pomades are ones that’ll wash out with just water. No, you won’t need a shampoo to get the product completely out of your hair! All of Layrite’s hairstyling products are completely water-soluble. Pretty nice, right? Don’t gotta worry about using up the family’s olive oil! The feel of your hair may be something you want to maintain, so don’t forget to follow up with a conditioner to keep your hair feeling nice and healthy.


Whether you’ve got thick hair or fine hair, there’s a product from Layrite that’ll work well with your hair. But, which one is it?


Since I’ve entered the world of barbering, I’ve had more experience with hair-types and what products suits thicker hair better. Of course, depending on the hairstyle and how much product you use will remain a factor, but for the most part, Layrite Super Hold works extremely well for folks with thicker hair. Well, for one: You won’t have to use as much Layrite! Layrite Super Hold is much more dense to the touch than Layrite Original. So combing up a tall pomp will require much less pomade to be used.


Folks with finer hair won’t have the absolute need to use a product as heavy as Layrite Super Hold. Typically, a product that dense will weigh the hair down, rather than hold it up like it would thicker hair. So something light like Layrite Original will give folks with finer hair the hold they need to achieve the look they’re aiming for.

Pro-tip: For you cats with finer hair that are looking to get more volume out of your hair, try applying a nickel-sized amount of Layrite Original thoroughly to your hair, and use a blowdryer to give you that lift. Applying the product beforehand will ensure giving you a firm base to work with, where as adding product afterwards may just weigh the hair back down.


Depending on the type of finish you’re looking for, the way you apply the pomade will play a major role.


Applying either Layrite Original, Layrite Super Hold, or Layrite Super Shine will go in much smoother to wet hair. But take note: By wet hair, I mean slightly damp. Overly wet hair will break down the product a bit too much, whereas slightly damp hair will break it down enough to spread through thoroughly. You’ve seen the movie, There’s Something About Mary? Yeah, don’t need to see folks with that going on simply because they didn’t apply pomade right! You’ll end up with a more slicked/refined styling when applied with this method.


While you wouldn’t have too much difficulty applying any Layrite product thoroughly to dry hair, you gotta be aware that it’ll give you a different “texture” in comparison to applying it to damp hair. Applying the products to dry hair will give you a more separated, aka texturized, look. You’ll need to streak your fingers through your hair several times to get an even coating since there’s no water in the hair to slightly break down the product to get even application.


Now that you’ve got an idea as to what type of hold will suit you well, there’s one more question to ask: Shine or no shine?

Depending on how you apply Layrite Original or Layrite Super Hold (dry or wet,) you’ll end up with slightly different finishes…

  • Damp application: the product will dry with a slightly glossed finish.
  • Dry application: the product will dry with a more matte/natural finish.

But, if you want to add some shine to your life, you can lightly “glaze” the top of your already-dried Layrite Original or Layrite Super Hold with some Layrite Super Shine! Using it as a top-coat for either product will allow you to have the hold offered by either product, respectively, but give you that wet look without that wet-look hold (or lack thereof).

Layrite Super Shine will give you that wet look that many petrolatum-based pomades out there offer, but without the hassle of washing it out of your hair. Not too shabby, eh? The product itself can be used as a standalone product, but don’t expect to get too much hold out of it for a super tall pomp. It’s ideally used for hairstyles that use the wet-look finish, ie: slick backs, tight contours, or Jheri Curls (if that’s your thing).


  • Grease or Water-based.
  • Layrite Original for finer hair.
  • Layrite Super Hold for thicker hair.
  • Damp hair for a slicked finish.
  • Dry hair for a matte finish.
  • Layrite Super Shine for a top-coat to add shine to Layrite Original or Super Hold.

Well folks, there you have it. A little introduction to the world of pomade. There’s a lot to take in! If it were that easy, then blogs like mine wouldn’t have any content to provide! As with everything, it takes some time to get used to and some trial and error. But, hopefully I was able to knock out some of that for ya and make your venture into using pomade a bit easier and not leaving ya lost in the dark!

I hope you enjoyed this little guide from me and look forward to more postings from me in the near future!

Until the next time.
Pomp Hard!

– Jan
Instagram: TheRebelRouser




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