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8 Ways to Customize Your Shop to Sell More Layrite

December 5, 2016 



The more your patrons know about Layrite, the more likely they are to buy it when asked. Good product presentation increases the overall experience for the patron, builds product and brand awareness, and enhances your retail presence which yields to sales and eventually more profit.

The best way to do this in your shop is with good product presentation. Studies have proven that done right, the way you showcase Layrite increases the overall experience for the patron, builds product and brand awareness, and enhances your retail presence which yields to sales and eventually more profit.

We visited some of our best selling shops to see how they displayed Layrite. We took what we learned and created some really kick ass display units. To get them simply contact you rep or email us email 

Here's a list of ways you can use Layrite Collateral to both customise your shop and sell more Layrite at the same time. 

1. Catch Their Attention With Our Layrite Counter Display Unit

This is the universal display unit for all Layrite products. It's signature Layrite yellow and Ms Layrite wallpapered backdrop is a great way to Keep all your products Together with  strong Layrite branding and retail presence. 

One unit is designed to fit one case of product.

Dimensions: 9.5"Header Height x 6"Interior Base x 9"Wide

2. Start a Conversation With Our Layrite Easel Backs

 Place these Easel Backs at the barber station or cash register area. The patron will see it and either remind them that they are almost out of their favourite pomade or start asking what it is. Once that happens, they are more likely to leave satisfied with his cut an style and ability to achieve the same look at home.

1 Version - Available Here

2nd Version - Ask Your Barber

Dimensions  5" x 5"

3. Let Your Shelves Do The Talking With Our Layrite Shelf Talkers 

These sit right on your shelf and add a strong visual element to any overall brand presentation. Decorating your shelves offers a nice and clean product display option.

Sits on the shelf. The perfect length for 6 cans. 

 Dimensions: 18" Long x 2 1/4 wide x 9" base



4. Let the Outside World Know You Carry Layrite With Our Layrite Round Window Clings

Place these on your window to let passersby know where they can get the best haircuts (and pomades) in town.

Dimensions: Available in small and large. The small is 1 ft across. The large is 2 feet across

5. Let Them Know It's Time to Buy With Our Layrite Open & Close Window Cling

Place these on your window to let passersby know when they can get the best haircuts (and pomades) in town.

Dimensions: 12" x 14", rectangular.

6. Deck the Walls With Layrite Posters

These original designs are sure to become collector items. 

Dimensions: available in 24x36 and 11x17. 

7. Make Them Feel Proud With A One-of-a-Kind Layrite Sticker

The perfect way to thank your patron. Who doesn't like cool stickers?

Dimensions: 4x4 

8. Make Them Notice Layrite From Outside Even

Layrite is known for its bold colours. Build your retail offering before they even step foot into the barber shop by combining all of the above. The result is a strong merchandising presence that stands out even from outside your shop. 





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How to Set Up a Commission System in Your Barber Shop

November 30, 2016 



We are big believers in performance.  So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to selling Layrite in Barber Shops, we are also big fans of performance-based pay.

Whether that means barbers get an hourly rate and a percentage of retail sales they make, a bonus at the end of the month or a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles, commissioning barbers for retail sales is hands down the best way to make more money for your shop. And all without having to add an extra chair.

When we took a look at our best selling shops, we noticed that virtually all of them have implemented some kind of commission based system.  Call it what you want but the best bosses share the wealth.

While there are numerous amounts of commission structures to choose from, the easiest one by far is the Straight & Flat system. You set up a flat percentage and barbers receive that percentage on the products they sell.

Now all you have to do is track the sales. If you already use software for your payroll, chances are it has a built in mechanism to track retail sales for commissions. If you’re doing things the old fashion way, here are 3 options to help get you started right away:

Use A Spreadsheet

It’s easy. And to make it even easier we made one for you that you can download here.

Use Quickbooks

When it comes to payroll needs, Quickbooks is essentially spreadsheets on crack. Once you get up and started here’s an article onhow to use it to track commissions paid to employees. 

Use Square

If Quickbooks is the Windows of Payroll, then Square is the Mac. It’s a mobile cash register (imagine ringing up patrons in your chair), appointment book, e-commerce manager and payroll system all wrapped into one. You can even use it to set up reward and referral programs, create gift cards and, of course, track commissions based on retail sales. Check out their Salon/Barber Shop landing page for more. 

Here are some other important things to remember.

Taxes and Commissions

If you’re considering offering your barbers commission on retail sales, or if you’re a barber in a position to receive commissions on retail sales, make sure to pay close attention to how the taxes are calculated.  You’ll also need to account for state taxes.

In Conclusion

Paying your barbers on commission can be a great incentive for top performers and is a way to encourage your barbers to excel. But it’s also important to remember that it may not work for everyone. Whatever the case may be, barbers who want to prove themselves through hard work will take great pride in their results and in turn, create more revenue for your shop -- which is a win win for everyone.



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